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CannaCure 750 Ml

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CannaCure 750 Ml – plant protection

The CannaCure product was created as a preventive measure against pests and plant diseases. Developed by CANNA’s research laboratories, it is unlike any other plant protection product as it is also a foliar nutrient. The liquid in a practical spray bottle is thoroughly applied to the plants once a week, thus creating a natural protective layer. This is permeable to water, light and air, so the plant can continue its processes indefinitely.

CannaCure effectively protects against whiteflies, aphids, mites and mealybugs. The plant also becomes more resistant to other plant diseases such as powdery mildew. CannaCure does not contain substances that are toxic to humans. So you can safely use it on plants whose fruits we will later eat.

CannaCure can also be used for acute infections. Three applications of CannaCure per week effectively help against pests. At the same time, we can tackle pests even more effectively with sticky boards or stickers. Once the threat is averted, it can be reduced back to a preventative amount of once a week.

In addition to the ready-made filler in a spray bottle, CannaCure concentrate is also available. This can be mixed with water at a 1:3 ratio to provide a cheap way to fill a spray bottle.


It is very important that CANNACURE is thoroughly applied to both sides of the leaves. Use CannaCure once a week as a preventive measure to prevent plant pests from attacking the leaves. For example, if you have a heavy infestation of mold, planthoppers, mealybugs or woolly lice, spray every three days and repeat after another three days if necessary. Then continue spraying weekly as usual.

CannaCure can be used from the start of growth until harvest, along with your normal feeding routine.

Content: 0.75L / 750ml, ready to use

Origin: EU

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