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Carbon filter CAN 125

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Carbon filter CAN 125 for superior natural air purification

The carbon filter CAN125 is a filter with the possibility of changing the flange / flange – the possibility of using a flange with a diameter of ∅203- 254- 315- 406 mm. The filter is connected to the exhaust part of the ventilation. It enables the complete destruction of all odors, so that only clean air leaves the room. It consists of a metal housing and contains small particles of activated carbon that trap even the smallest particles. Larger particles of dirt are trapped by the felt that is wrapped around the filter housing. The weight of the charcoal is 48,6kg.

Can filters are of high quality, they do not require maintenance. The charcoal air filter is tested and provides 99.5% odor absorption and has a recommended lifespan of 12 to 18 months. Can filters remove odors quickly and efficiently. Carbon filters from the Dutch manufacturer Can Filters are among the most popular among indoor growers.


◦ Flow rate up to 1700 m³/h
◦ Choice of flange size
◦ Metal housing
◦ Holds even the smallest particles
◦ Long life span

Recommended fans:

◦ CanFan Max-Fan Pro 200 – 250 – 315
◦ Vents Vk-EC 200 – 250 – 315
◦ Vents TT-Pro 200 – 250 – 315

The package contains:

◦ Carbon filter Can 125
◦ Optional flange
◦ Fixing screws 6x
◦ Gasket


The flange is included in the price, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size

Origin: EU

How to use a charcoal air filter?
Filters can be installed inside or outside the processing room and are used to purify the air that is drawn into the room or discharged from the room. The filter is installed on the ventilation system via the flange and placed in a horizontal position.

When to use a charcoal air filter?
It is used whenever air purification is required with a 99.9% effect of removing odors and unwanted organisms that form in the air.

What can the Can-Lite filter do?
Removes odors; it is used with a ventilation system that sucks air into a filter that provides cleaning. Carbon filters remove all odor-causing particles in the processing area.

What is the highest temperature or air humidity at which the filter can be used?
The highest air temperature at which it is still safe or it is recommended to use a filter, it is 80 °C, and the maximum humidity is 70% (at a higher percentage of humidity, water molecules start to accumulate on the pores in the structure of the charcoal pellets and slowly start the life of the filter).

How long does the filter last?
The lifetime of the filter is determined by the density of polluted particles in the air, relative humidity and the amount of purified air.

Is it recommended to draw in or extract air through a charcoal filter?
Air intake through a charcoal filter is recommended. In this way, the filters can use the maximum surface area of the carbon cartridge to purify the air, as dirt and debris accumulate on the outside before reaching the carbon cartridge. An additional advantage of air intake through the filter is that purified air will enter the ventilation system without garbage, dirt and other particles that are created in the air, which could attach to the wind vane or other parts of the ventilation system and cause air resistance.

How is the carbon insert assembled?
When making Can-Lite filters, the manufacturer uses a modern industrial shaker that shakes the filters while filling with charcoal. In this way, it achieves that the coal pellets are optimally distributed in the cartridge and that the cartridge is filled to the maximum extent possible. The process eliminates the possibility of any channel that could be established between the charcoal pellets and later allow the odors to travel through the charcoal without them joining the charcoal.

What effect does a charcoal filter have on plants?
The carbon filter purifies the air and prevents odors and harmful organisms from entering or leaving the processing area.

Where are the results seen?
What is not noticed is more important, as the filter cleans the air of harmful organisms and unwanted odors.

Why is it recommended to use a charcoal filter?
Can-Lite charcoal air filters consist of the best quality Pre-Cambrian charcoal, which with the smallest particles enables air purification on a larger surface.

Product Specifications
Tecnical data
ModelOriginal- CAN 125
Flange diameterØ203- 254 -315 - 406 mm
Max. temperature80ºC
Height125 cm
Case diameter42 cm
carbon weight48.6kg
Max. flow1700 m3/h
Min flow850 m³h
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