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Fan TT 150 Un Temp

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Fan Vents TT 150 Un (520 m³/h)

VENTS TT 150 Un fans are equipped with wide capacities and high performance of axial and centrifugal fans and are specially designed for supply and exhaust ventilation of rooms that require high pressure, strong air flow and low noise level. The fans are compatible with round air ducts from Ø 150 to 315 mm. Exhaust ventilation systems based on VENTS TT Un fans are the best solution for the ventilation of bathrooms and kitchens and other damp rooms, as well as for the ventilation of apartments, holiday homes, shops, cafes, etc.

The vents TT-Un models have a built-in speed regulator with an electronic thermostat and a temperature sensor attached to a 4 m cable. Operation logic based on temperature. The fan housing with good mechanical properties and temperature resistance is made of quality plastic. The inlet connection is equipped with a collector, which enables uninterrupted air supply to the fan.

The shape of the hemispherical rotor (windmill) and specially profiled blades increase the circular speed of the air flow and provide greater pressure and capacity compared to standard axial fans. The diffuser, specially profiled rotor and guide vanes at the outlet of the fan housing distribute the air flow to achieve the best combination of high performance, increased pressure and low noise.


◦ Built-in speed and temperature control
◦ 4 m long probe for accurate reading of the temperature of your environment
◦ Up to 520 m³/h air flow
◦ Silent operation, noise level 33÷44 dBA
◦ Fan temperature control can be used to reduce the fan speed to a minimum during the night
◦ Compatible with carbon filters

Speed regulation:

Control the dual-speed motors with the built-in switch (option V) or the external switch for multi-speed fans (available separately).


◦ Fans are suitable for mounting at any angle and point of the system.
◦ Several fans can be installed in one syste
◦ Parallel mounting to increase air flow
◦ Series mounting to increase operating pressure

ICE320-C13 power cable NOT INCLUDED!

Origin: EU

















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Product Specifications
Tehnical data
ModelTT Un - Temp.
TypeAxial - Inline
Hole Diameter150 mm
CurrentMax 0.27 A
MAX. transmitted temperature-25...+40 °С
Voltage∿ 220-240 V
Freqvency50 - 60 Hz
Noise33 - 44 dBА
Power29 - 60 W
Case materialPlastic
Air Flow Max.405 - 520 m³/h
EC MotorNO
Max rpm.1680 - 2460 n/min-1
Weight2,65 Kg
Height250 mm
IP protectionIPX4
Width223 mm
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