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Hemp briquettes Old Hemp Pharmacy 200g

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HEMP BRIQUETTES OLD HEMP PHARMACYWe introduce to you an innovation on the Slovenian market, which will make sure that your four-footed friend feels extraordinarily well. Hemp briquettes OHP are dietary supplements made exclusively out of the highest quality hemp seeds from natural products, without any preservatives, aromas, taste amplifiers or any other artificial additives.Briquettes are extremely wealthy with polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega3/omega6), they include all the essential amino acids, vitamins, many antioxidants, and other essential substances. A lot of attention was focused on optimally adjusting this treasury of essential substances to animals, and the result of that is the presented product.Nutritional supplements are mostly in the form of pills, powders, and the like, but you know how ‘loved’ they are by our pets. This is the reason that we made our briquettes in the form of flakes, which is a little closer to them and somehow more appropriate for the owners. They are easy to mix with ordinary foods, but… well, most of them do not need to be mixed at all, because they also like to be crunched. You can try them yourself you will see that it tastes good.

The daily recommended quantity depends on the weight of the animal and it goes like this:

<10kg ………………10g,

10kg – 25kg………15g,

25kg – 50kg………20g,

>50kg …………….25g

For example Yorkie (3,5kg) has the 200g package for a month.


Due to the extraordinary sales successes and satisfaction of the people who drank and still drink our hemp oil, we started thinking about how all these different benefits of cannabis could be presented to our puppies too… And yes, we did it!

Surely there will be someone among you who, when mentioning cannabis, first thinks of the drug. Yeah, really … There’s not much talk yet about the usefulness of cannabis, and so it’s no wonder. Well, hemp is so much more … among other things great food for humans and animals that can greatly benefit from the following:

general well-being, especially with the elderly, sick or injured dogs;
– cardiovascular system and digestion;
– respiratory tract, especially in chronic cough;
– skin and hair shine;
– hair replacement (also prevents hair loss);
– joints;
– the immune system and the activation of the body’s own defense mechanisms;
– tension and nervousness;
– gaining weight and increasing muscle mass.

and more and more.



Today, there is more and more talk about how our diet is best suited for our pets, and our product is just that – a natural diet, or rather a nutritional supplement for your pet. The owners keep wondering how they could improve their daily well-being and health in general.

More and more people around the world are now rediscovering this high-value plant as great food for animals , which is now accepted by many experts who consider hemp to be the most complete food source, Not only for humans but also for animals.

Superfood for your pets!

The main ingredient of Old Hemp Pharmacy briquettes is hemp seed, and for you to know for yourself this truly true treasure trove of useful substances, check out the hemp seed composition below. Miraculously…


65% edestin and 34% albumin

Good fats… in an ideal 1: 3 ratio

GLA (gamma-Linolenic acid)

All amino acids…

Asparagin, Treonin*, Serin, Glutamin, Protin, Glicin, Alanin, Valin*, Izolevcin*, Levcin*, Cistein, Fenilalanin*, Histidin, Lizin*, Arginin, Metionin*, Triptofan*, Tirozin

*Essential amino acids


Vitamin A (Beta carotene) – Beta carotene is involved in building a strong immune system and is a powerful weapon in the defense against many diseases. Recent research has shown their usefulness in the fight against cancer and other serious diseases.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – Essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates. The constant deficiency of Thiamine in dogs certainly leads to premature death as it ensures the proper functioning of the muscles and nervous system. Deficiency is manifested as a loss of reflexes and control of the muscular and nervous systems. You can identify more severe cases of Vitamin B1 deficiency that dogs have difficulty walking and even their heads can no longer hold themselves upright.

The most common reason for the deficiency is diet. Either the food does not contain enough vitamin B1 or various supplements in the food prevent the absorption of vitamin B1. By the way, one of the causes of vitamin B1 deficiency is the consumption of raw fish.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – Very important vitamin, which is usually not found in meat and dairy products. Vitamin B2 deficiency in puppies causes slower growth, eye problems, heart disease.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) – A very important vitamin whose deficiency leads to various problems such as arterial diseases, cancer, arthritis, asthma, allergies.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) – is one of the most versatile antioxidants. It is involved in wound healing processes, is effective in preventing heart and nerve diseases, and is very important in preventing aging processes.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) – Gives vitamin E added impetus to protect the body from harmful effects. Deficiency in dogs results in poorer wound healing increased susceptibility to infections (weakened immune system), muscle and joint pain.


OHP hemp briquettes are for all pets who want to eat really healthy, who want to live really long and have as little of a typical ‘age problem’ as possible. We have to agree that our pets’ health depends to a large extent on nutrition and the fact that complete animal nutrition can be made into one type of briquettes … That’s a myth, but people pretty much believe it and the big four are really happy about it.


Let’s just say that a really surprising number of pets eat briquettes just like that, without everything, so here are no problems are expected. Well, if they don’t eat it all by itself, then it can be mingled with food or scraps over the top and everything will go down, you’ll see. Verified!

And some more on that matter… you know the various pets that pets love so much … but you know why they love it … not because of the good ingredients but because of the various additives and flavor enhancers > who, according to the domestic saying, are sprayed on already made briquettes … because without these additives, the dogs of these briquettes would not still smell. And this is true of most briquettes on the market. After all, an ideally balanced diet does not mean that this is something good… it needs to be done well.

What is more like in humans… what is more delicious, ideally balanced diet or succulent roast, ice cream, chocolate… Ideally balanced, healthy and what do I know what adjectives food has today… all of this does not mean at the same time delicious… tasty to be done with additives. Hemp briquettes have no additives and so there is one here and there that does not ‘pop up’ right away, but as already said, if mixed with any food, everything will go down.


All the benefits of fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids in animals are more or less known to you, because much is being written about it. But you can also ask your vet what he thinks about GLA (which is a little lesser known fat) in dog nutrition; We did not emphasize this above because there is so much information already and so you can now imagine what it is all about. In mammals, similar to humans, over time, the body no longer produces enough GLA, which is an essential (urgently needed) fatty acid, and its deficiency leads to a wide variety of ailments. Have you ever heard of GLA?

How much GLA is in your puppies’ daily diet? Considering that cannabis is practically the only edible item that contains the “miracle fat” GLA and is actually the first product for Cannabis animals here … would say that your puppies are probably not getting GLA in excessive quantities. Being young and producing enough GLA on their own (provided they get enough Omega6) is fine, but with age the production of GLA decreases and the need for GLA increases and our cannabis OHP briquettes will come here just right.

INGREDIENTS: seeds of BIO industrial hemp

Guantity: 200 g

Origin: Slovenia

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