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Milwaukee Waterproof pH55 – pH/Temp.

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Milwaukee Waterproof pH55 – pH/Temp.

The tester is one of our most accurate cost-effective, well-rounded, rugged and reliable testers on the market with dual-level LCD readouts, easy-to-change probe and extended pH ranges for almost any application. Simple 1 or 2 point auto calibration is easy to use and offers TWO sets of stored buffers to choose from. Ideal for use in aquariums, hydroponics, gardening, education, swimming pools, beer and many other applications.

The Waterproof pH55 PRO tester is accurate to ±0.1 pH and +/-0.5 °C (+/-1 °F) and is easy to read.
With easy 2-point auto-calibration, this pH tester quickly calibrates to the accuracy of much more expensive meters. The simple design and robustness bring great value for every application. Why guess at your litmus paper readings when you can be guaranteed accurate digital LCD results.

Long life:
The tester comes with a replaceable pH probe with a double junction probe designed for longer life.

High Responsiveness:
The probe has a double joint, which allows for fast and accurate pH readings and response times.

Waterproof construction:
No more worries about dropping the tester while measuring. The pH55 PRO is IP65 waterproof.

At just 00.2 grams, the pH55 PRO is easy to use and half the weight of other testers.

Ease of use:
A large two-level LCD display with easy-to-read graphic symbols makes it easy to calibrate or read your measurement. This takes the guesswork out of the litmus test.


◦ Quick and easy to read results with large digital LCD display.
◦ Extreme pH accuracy up to ±0.1 pH with extended pH range (-2.0 pH to 16.0 pH).
◦ Resolution down to 0.1 pH.
◦ Lightweight and portable.
◦ Easy measurement: Just place the probe in the sample, mix gently, wait for the stability indicator to show a stable reading, and then freeze the reading.
◦ It is fully temperature compensated (ATC).
◦ Simple automatic one- or two-point calibration.
◦ 2 sets of pre-saved buffers.
Gel-filled double junction pH electrode for low maintenance costs and high performance.
◦ More than 300 hours of battery life (batteries included).
◦ Fully waterproof to IP65.
◦ Interchangeable pH electrode Mi56P.

Care and use:
All pH sensors have a limited lifetime and the response time increases with age. With proper maintenance of the pH tester, you will get fast and accurate results for a long time. So be sure to order the Milwaukee pH Maintenance Kit with code PH-Main at checkout! This will be needed to help clean and condition the pH electrode before use!

Here are our top four tips.
1. Always store with a cap full of MA9015 storage buffer or solution, not water.
2. Clean your tester regularly by soaking it in MA9016 cleaning solution.
3. Calibrate after cleaning and/or storage prior to testing to accommodate pH sensor changes.
4. Gently mix the tester into the sample for a faster result.

Origin: EU

Product Specifications
Tehnical data
Maker Milwaukee
Model pH55
Temperature measuring range 0.0 to 60.0°C
Accuracy ±0.1 pH
Power supply 4 x 1.5V; IEC LR44, A76 (priložene)
pH range -2.0 – 16.0 pH
EC range 20.00 mS/cm
TDS range 0 – 10.00 ppt
Lenght/diameter 200.6 mm / Ø38,1 mm
Weight 99.2 g
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