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Nutriculture Ebb & Flood 230

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Submersible hydroponic system Nutriculture EBB & Flood 230

The Ebb & Flood system uses sub-irrigation; the nutrient solution floods the substrate and then flows into the reservoir when the pump stops. This regular ebb and flow of the solution gives the root system excellent oxygenation. The system is designed for beginners who are looking for a technically simple system that is easy to use, and for experienced growers who are looking for a modular system that can adapt to the specifics of their growing environment and really increase yield. It is the definition of a versatile growing system: it allows the use of a wide variety of containers (size, material, shape) and substrates or mixtures of substrates (clay beads, coconut, perlite, soil).


Here, too, you have a choice. With the help of EBB&FLOOD® you can grow:

◦ Use of clay balls (Euro Pebbles)
◦ Use of coconut fiber (Cocos Premium)

or coir/perlite blends
◦ Land use (All Mix)
◦ Use of rock wool (not recommended as it cannot be recycled)

Flooding time settings

Not every flood cycle works the same way. There are several factors unique to your hydroponic system that determine how and when flooding occurs. The environmental conditions in your grow space affect the size and needs of your plants. Your growing needs and general water needs also play a role. For example, a growing medium like clay pebbles that doesn’t hold much water means you need to flood more often. If you use something like vermiculite that holds more moisture, you don’t need to flood as often.

The best way to identify flood cycles is to determine them yourself. Once you have your flood and drain system set up, grab a stopwatch. Or rather, just use the timer on your smartphone. Turn on the pump and start timing. Watch carefully as the flood table fills. When the water level reaches about 80% of the tray, stop the timer and turn off the pump. Now you have a good starting point for determining how long each flood cycle will last. If it takes more than 10 to 15 minutes to fill the flood tray, you may need a more powerful pump. You can also move the pump and tank closer to the plants to reduce energy loss when moving water over longer distances.

It may also mean that you have to do some “guess and check” before setting a schedule.

Some systems only need to be flooded a few times a day. For grow spaces that tend to be dry and hot, with larger plants you may need to flood several times a day, even 10 to 15 times. However, this is not typical of most ebb&Flood systems.


Make sure you don’t flood the system if your plants haven’t used up the remaining water in their grow trays. This can be a serious overkill and not good for your plants either. The points between the tide cycles allow the plants to use the nutrient solution that is left behind. However, too much flooding makes it difficult for plants to ‘breathe’.

Other advantages of this system

◦ With minimal maintenance, there is no risk of leakage or spillage
◦ Its autonomy allows you to leave it unattended for several days

without any risk to your plants
◦ Easy cleaning
◦ Very low El consumption. energy 6.5 W
◦ Tank capacity up to 100 L of nutrient solution

Package Contents:

◦ 1 x plastic tank
◦ 1 x grow tray
◦ 1 x (pipes, couplings,..)
◦ 1 x water pump 600L/H – 6.5W – 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
◦ 1 x instructions

Origin: UK

Product Specifications
Technical data
TypeHydroponic - Submersible
ModelEbb & Flood 230
Volume90 L
Weight16,5 kg
Dimension118 x 108 x 33 cm
Flower No.4-9
Download Files
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