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SanLight Q3WL S2.1 Gen2 – 120 W

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SanLight Q3LW S2.1 Gen2 – 120 W (PPF 312 µmol/s)
SanLight Q3W S2.1 Gen2 – 120 W (PPF 312 µmol/s)

The state-of-the-art Grow LED lamp with a power of 120 W

The Austrian company SANlight has further optimized the already outstanding LED lighting with the new generation 2 of its Q series. SANlight is the first manufacturer to consistently use Osram’s high power 2mm² led chip in all available models. The result is 15% more light for the same energy consumption! Experiences with SANLight LEDs have always been positive. SANlight’s Q Series LED lights generate consistently higher yields at significantly lower operating costs than comparable NDL Grow lights.

Like its predecessors, the second generation of the Q series is convincing with maximum efficiency and perfect light control. All models of the second generation are dimmable, they can be easily expanded later and run as needed. Without exaggeration, SANlight can be described as a technical leader in the field of highly efficient LED lighting systems for growing plants indoors. The lamps are developed and manufactured in Austria and set new standards in light output, reliability and durability.

SanLight Q3W S2.1 Gen2 – 120 Wh2

No photon is wasted!


◦ Maximum efficiency, light output, maximum efficiency
◦ Silent operation (passive cooling)
◦ Lifetime of more than 100,000 hours
◦ Perfect for mini boxes up to 60 x 60 cm

One of the outstanding features of SANlight’s Q Series is the further improved secondary optics of all luminaires. Due to the precise 90° light control of this technology, almost no light is lost. More than 95% of the photons of the LED chip are captured and useful for your plants. Your grow tent will be lit homogeneously to the last corner. The new LED chip technology with an area of only 2 mm² from Osram also ensures the highest efficiency in converting electricity into light.

SanLight Q3W S2.1 Gen2 – 120 Wh2

Sanlight Gen 2 – Quietly cool

The cooling of the Q series is passive and noiseless thanks to the very large aluminum heatsink. Even at very high ambient temperatures, the module remains well cooled and works properly, efficiently and reliably.


There is no reduction in production due to pollution.

Contamination of older LEDs in the grow room can lead to a noticeable decrease in performance very quickly. And cleaning is very difficult, if at all. SANLight LEDs are protected from dirt due to their exclusive secondary optics and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. In this way, SANlight LED modules easily achieve an unparalleled lifetime of more than 100,000 hours!

Easy switching via daisy chain

SANlight Q-series LEDs are interchangeable, which means you can connect several SANlight LED modules in series. With a single plug, you can fully and easily illuminate areas from 0.36 m² to 7 m². Additionally, all Q Series Gen2 models are now dimming ready. You can choose between a reliable and cost-effective M-Dimm version and a dimmer via Bluetooth. M-Dimmer does not need network communication and can control each light individually. A sunrise simulation is also possible. You can easily control the Bluetooth dimmer via your mobile phone or tablet, and you can control the lights individually or in groups via the app. Especially for larger grow rooms, the Bluetooth dimmer offers very professional and modern control.


Easily increase capacity and upgrade
The Gen2 series Q2 modules are also “scalable ready”. If performance and yield requirements increase, the SANlight luminaire vendor can increase the luminaire by a further 10%. In the same way, all Q series lamps can be easily upgraded and replaced with the latest generation of modules.

Broadband and continuous light spectrum

SanLight Q3W S2.1 Gen2 – 120 Wh2

The Q series LED modules create a broadband and continuous light spectrum that is specially designed for the needs of fruit production plants. The light spectrum created meets the requirements of your plants both in the growth phase and in the flowering phase.

Extansion of the product range

With generation 2 of the Q series, SANLight has significantly expanded its product range and given all lamps 15% more light. The portfolio now ranges from the Q1 with 50 W to the Q6 with a powerful 245 W. The stretched L versions of the Q series are the legitimate successors of the previous S series. All lamps of this generation also have full quality Wieland connectors that have been tested for many years.


◦ Eco
◦ Expert

SANlight has developed two different setups for different indoor growing requirements and experiences. With Eco settings, you can achieve similar yields to sodium or metal halide lamps, but energy consumption is reduced to an absolute minimum. Procurement costs are manageable and potential startup failures are not that serious. Dimming with Eco Setup is not absolutely necessary. For experienced growers, the professional setup ensures the highest yields in terms of quality and quantity.

You can read more information about the settings under the heading “File Downloads”

Warranty: 2 years

Origin: Austria

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Product Specifications
Tehnical data
ModelQ3LW S2.1 Gen2
Dimension605 x 119 x 174 mm
Height91 mm
Voltage220-240 V
Frekvency50-60 Hz
Power120 W
Power cable2,1 m lenght with eu plug
Output μmol312 µmol/s
Warenty2 Years
Weight4.24 kg
CurrentMax. 0.6 A
Download Files

HPLed200W FullSpectrum - User manual .pdf


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