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Wilma 10 Small Wide

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Hydroponic circular system Nutriculture Wilma 10 Small Wide (10 x 6 L)

Wilma ensures that your plants will be supplied with a nutrient solution in a professional manner and that the plant is missing nothing and that it is functioning optimally. Manual irrigation is therefore no longer necessary in systems such as Wilma 4. Plants in such systems have enough space to develop optimally. Such growing systems are very light, easy to move and very stable, allowing the plant to stand firmly upright even as it grows. Nutriculture Wilma systems were specially designed for professional use.


◦ Only strong plants, healthy transplants or cuttings are considered in Wilma systems
◦ Pots or plastic coverings (Rockwool cubes) must be removed, but care must be taken not to wash away the propagation medium
◦ Grow so that the selected medium covers only the propagation block, but without burying the seed leaf or the first true leaf
◦ Inert open media for drainage (alumina, rock wool cubes – Rockwool) must be soaked thoroughly and wait for drainage to occur before planting them
◦ Substrates such as soil and coconut must be moist before planting
◦ Heating of the nutrient solution is not necessary unless climatic conditions dictate it (low night temperatures)
◦ When changing the nutrient solution, you can soak the plants once only with water to prevent the accumulation of unused nutrient salts (especially in media such as soil)

Young plants

◦ Several irrigations in smaller amounts are recommended rather than one longer irrigation with a larger amount
◦ Young plants need less water than mature plants
◦ It is better to water less than too much
◦ 1 – 2 periods per day are usually sufficient for most young plants
◦ For new plants, about half the dose of nutrient will be sufficient

Mature plants

◦ Observation of the plant is necessary to decide the amount of watering
◦ No medium should be allowed to dry completely
◦ The maximum number of “floods” is once per hour (during the day), although most fully mature plants do not need that many

Add the nutrients according to the directions of the growth tablets shown below:


ClayFlood (poplava)Hydro
RockwoolFlood (poplava)Hydro
Coco fibresArrow (puščica)Coco
KopitoArrow (puščica)Coco
SoilArrow (puščica)Soil
Mapito/PU FoamFlood (poplava)Hydro

Package Contents:

◦ 10 x pot
◦ 1 x plastic tank
◦ 1 x irrigation system (pipes, couplings, valve)
◦ 1 x Nutriculture pump – Newa MJ 1000
◦ 1 x cap
◦ 1 x instructions

Origin: UK

Product Specifications
Technical data
TypeCircular - teardrop
ModelWilma 10 Small Wide
Volume85 L
Weight11 kg
Dimension120 x 60 x 20 cm
Flower No.10
Pot/Volume10 / 6,5 L
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