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Tray Eazy Plug – 104 pcs

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Cones for growing plants Eazy Plug – Tray 104 pcs

The optimal balance of air and water of the Eazy plow ensures a healthy root environment and rapid root development. With its outstanding performance, it grows a greener and better alternative for virtually all types of growing medium, such as ordinary potting soil, rockwool and many others.

Predetermined pH with buffer

With the addition of a special component, the pH is buffered, which means that the plug will maintain the pH value given to Eazy, even after the addition of water or nutrients at different pH values. This way the pH is stable, less prone to user error and easier to manage.

Given EC value with buffering

The EC value is buffered, so the EC value is stable and easy to control.

Open structure for a more correct balance of water and air

You can simply connect the Eazy ausdrainagieren only when it is almost impossible to water. The Eazy plug can drain most of the water, so there is always enough air for an optimal root environment.

Aqueous buffering

The Eazy Plug has the special property of losing more water buffers than soil. Because of this, the plant is in less stressful conditions of too little water, and because of this better vegetation is formed, often having a shorter root time. This water has a buffering Eazy Plug for longer than the required water, even if the supply is idle for a while or even stopped. This again results in stable moisture that should be better and easier to handle and less prone to user or irrigation system error.

Better control of a strong plant

With Eazy plow water, EC and pH buffer, plant breeding with this matrix is controlled for better generativity. This can significantly increase the quality of the plants or move the desired time for transplanting.

Basic fertilizer

Our Eazy Plug is equipped with a basic fertilizer, so that the plant is supplied for the first 2-3 weeks. With the construction (buffer) of the cube, we cannot really lead to an excessive amount of fertilizer, so you can add fertilizer from the beginning without any problems.

Compatible with rockwool and other growing media

The composition and structure of the Eazy plug is very suitable for the Eazy plug and transfers easily to stone wool slabs and/or blocks. Root growth will continue without further adaptation problems in the rockwool and the perfect water balance will be maintained.

Stabilized and bonded cubes

The Eazy plug will always be “glued” together to form a whole. This ensures minimal risk of root damage during sorting or transplanting. For this purpose, it also ensures uninterrupted “consumption” of water and fertilizers and reduces the risk of plant diseases. Even if it produces very little or no roots.

When drying the Eazy plug

They take up water easily, even if the Eazy plug is completely dry for a long time, easily and directly back to the water. All original features remain intact.

Completely biodegradable

The Eazy plow consists mainly of organic material and is completely compostable.


◦ Buffer: PH 5.8 EC 0.8 +/-
◦ Tray dimensions (LxW): 53 x 31 cm
◦ Dimensions of the growing block (cone): ø 3.5 cm, height: 5 cm

Origin: EU

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Product Specifications
Technical data
Type of substrateHydro Root riot
ManufacturerEazy plug
pH valuepH 5.8
Pcs./Pck.0,56 kg/pack
Product nameEazy Plug CT104C
PackingPVC Tray
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